My name is Christina Auch

(and yes those are my pictures...)

Welcome to the first step on your journey to freedom!

Let me introduce you to 8 to Your IdealWeight,
an 8-week diet-free weight release program

I’m proud to be an 8 to Your IdealWeight  Coach who has enjoyed the successes that come with learning and living this amazing lifestyle. I feel like I am sharing a miracle, because that’s what this program has been in my life.
It's based on an 8-step process by award winning author MK Mueller, and it will help you release both outer weight and what is weighing you down inside. At times this amazing process takes you out of your comfort zone - it did for me - but then again, that comfort zone wasn't a healthy or a happy place for me.
If you’re interested my next small group session or personal one-on-one coaching, simply fill out the contact form and I look forward to speaking to you within 24 hours.
Christina Auch
8 to Your IdealWeight  Coach
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